TwinPlus 모듈

Outstanding Product Performance

Competitive high-temperature performance with ameliorated temperature coefficientl

Minimized power loss in cell connection

Better performance under shading effect

Decreased nominal operating cell temperature at 45 ± 2°C

Higher power generation with multi-busbar and half-cut technology

Trustworthy Quality and Reliability

Guaranteed 0~+5W positive tolerance secures reliable power output

5400Pa maximum snow load, 2400Pa maximum wind load

Optimized electrical design lowers hot spot risk and operating current

PID Resistant

Industry-leading cell processing technology and electrical design ensures solid PID resistance

395-415W / Mono-M6 / 54*2 Cells

PS395-415M6-18/VH, PS395-415M6H-18/VH

440-460W/Mono-M6/60*2 Cells


490-510W/Mono-M6/66*2 Cells


370-390W / Mono-M4 / 60*2 Cells

PS370-390M4-20/UH, PS370-390M4H-20/UH

410-430W / Mono-M4 / 66*2 Cells

PS410-430M4-22/WH, PS410-430M4H-22/WH

535-555W / Mono-M6 / 72*2 Cells

PS535-555M6-24/TH, PS535-555M6H-24/TH

445-465W / Mono-M4 / 72*2 Cells

PS445-465M4-24/TH, PS445-465M4H-24/TH

54 Cells

  • Mono-M6

60 Cells

  • Mono-M1

60 Cells

  • Mono-M4

66 Cells

  • Mono-M6

66 Cells

  • Mono-M4

72 Cells

  • Mono-M6

72 Cells

  • Mono-M4