Phono Solar Signed Supply Orders of 7WM Modules in Japan by Relying on its Recognized High-efficienc


Recently, at the just-concluded PV EXPO in Japan, the high-efficiency MWT modules exhibited by Phono Solar were widely recognized by customers, and orders for 7MW modules were successfully signed at the exhibition. This is another outstanding achievement in Japan, an important market, after the company signed orders for 55MW modules with Shanghai Electric Power and 6MW modules with Marubeni Corporation. In the critical period of global energy transformation, China's energy enterprises directly under the central government, represented by Phono Solar, have firmly established themselves in Japan's high-end market with innovative and high-efficiency PV technologies.

As the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance PV products, Phono Solar introduced five series of high-efficiency modules at this year's exhibition in Japan, including monocrystalline bifacial half-cell double glass module, monocrystalline PERC half-cell MWT module and polycrystalline PERC MWT module. MWT module features a busbar-free back contact, the first of its kind in the industry, ensuring customers' demand for high yield thanks to its high conversion and power. With its strength in product R&D and high-end manufacturing, Phono Solar attracted high attention from the Japanese market and enterprises.

The latest three orders are signed for supplying MWT monocrystalline high-efficiency modules of 2MW, 2.6MW and 2.5MW. It is worth mentioning that the two orders for 2.6MW and 2.5MW modules are signed with new customers that were first negotiated at the exhibition. "I'm very glad to be able to confirm the order at the exhibition, which undoubtedly means that 'Made in China' has won the approval of the Japanese market," said the head of the Phono Solar International Marketing Center. “We are actively placing the orders and will deliver all modules in late May. Quality, high-efficiency and reliable products are the invariable guarantee for the company to seize the global market. Japan is one of the important overseas market for Phono Solar. We will continue to focus on the R&D and application of innovative and efficient technologies for deeper cooperation with local partners."

So far, SUMEC has achieved a cumulative shipment of 600MW modules in Japan with its industry-wide top product quality, continuously innovative high-efficiency technology and perfect service system. Phono Solar offered MWT high-efficiency modules for the 55MW ground power station invested by Shanghai Electric Power in Gunma Prefecture, Japan. Upon completion, the project will become the largest single PV power station of MWT high-efficiency modules in Japan, and bring higher power generation efficiency and better investment returns to Japanese owners.

Phono Solar, an energy enterprise directly under the central government, has gone deep into the local market in Japan and focused on local operations since its presence in Japanese market in 2014. While successively signing orders for large-scale power plant modules in Japan, Phono Solar has also cooperated closely with numerous small and medium-sized EPC suppliers and distributors in Japan, forming a unique differentiated business model. While firmly taking MWT modules as the main products, it also utilizes local channels to provide customers with packaged system sales and differentiated services, and makes some attempts and layouts in downstream power station business and EPC business sectors.

"For Japan with limited land resources, there is a great demand for high-efficiency and high-quality modules. The Japanese government is committed to increasing the proportion of new electricity from renewable energy sources such as PV and wind energy, and the popularity of clean energy, which have also boosted the development of PV market. Adhering to the business philosophy of "Innovation for Excellence & Prudence for Advancement", we will manufacture high-quality modules in the spirit of "craftsmanship", so as to provide high-quality and economical PV power generation solutions for global customers including Japan," said the business director of Phono Solar International Marketing Center.