Phono Solar exhibits at Intersolar EU 2019


On May 15, Intersolar Europe 2019, the world's most influential solar exhibition, officially opened in Munich, Germany. Phono Solar made a wonderful appearance with its latest products, showing the latest technological achievements and energy solutions.

The analytical data shows that since 2018, the entire European photovoltaic market has shown obvious signs of growth, with new installed capacity reaching 11GW in the whole year and 9.2GW in the same period in 2017, a growth rate of 20%, while Germany has ranked among the top in Europe for many years. The German Federal Network Agency released temporary data on the new installed capacity of solar power in March 2019. The data shows that 349.5MW was added in March, more than 550MW in January 2019, and 418.6MW in February.


Phono Solar has conducted its lay out in European market, and cooperated with large European distributors to successfully gain a foothold in the market. It used its high-quality module products to win the trust of European customers known for rigorous and standardized. At this exhibition, Phono Solar brought 6 innovative products consisting of 315-watt all-black half-cell modules and "390 + 115"bifacial Monocrystalline half-cell modules.

315-watt all-black half-cell module. The internal cell array of this module is optimized from pure series to a combination of series and parallel. When the output current and voltage are basically the same, the internal current of the module will be half of the conventional module, which can effectively reduce the internal power loss of the module and in increase module output power. Meanwhile, in the case of shielding, the current flow in half cell module is halved, and the bypass diode can effectively work to prevent the module from being damaged due to the hot spot effect, providing customers with more stable power protection.


"390 + 115” watt bifacial Monocrystalline half-cell modules (Bifacial TwinPlus Module), compared with conventional modules, this product has more stable output power, more efficient power generation income and other features. The high efficiency makes this module more suitable for customers with smaller roof area and higher power consumption demand. At the same time, the bifacial module also has the advantages of glass structure with wear resistance, stronger corrosion resistance, almost zero water permeability, PID resistance, and high fire resistance. This module is widely used in various environment such as high temperature, high humidity, desert, and seaside.

Photovoltaic modules are unavoidably partially blocked by bird droppings and leaves in actual operation. If the continuous hot spot effect is not cleared in time, the modules will irreversibly decay or even fail. Theoretical analysis and experimental data show that the half-cell technology can reduce the hot spot temperature of the module by 10-20 degrees Celsius, which also makes the reliability of the above two half-cell modules further improved.

By 2019, Phono Solar has provided customers with more than 5.5 Gigawatts of solar photovoltaic module products to customers in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, with operations throughout Germany, the United States, Japan, Brazil, Chile, the Czech Republic, China, India and other global mainstream Solar market.

The person in charge of Phono Solar International Business Center said: "For many years, Phono Solar has always represented the image of Chinese energy centralized enterprises. We know the importance of product quality and brand image. In the volatile international trade environment, Phono Solar is committed to achieve stability and long-term success. While ensuring product quality, Phono Solar has always increased its investment in product research and development, pursued extraordinary, and created highly efficient, reliable, stable, and durable solar module products for customers.