Phono Solar Participated in ANDREC WEEK in Colombia


Recently, in Bogota, the capital of Colombia, ANDREC WEEK was kicked off, and attracted experts and scholars specializing in new energy worldwide. Phono Solar, a Chinese photovoltaic enterprise directly under the central government, participated in this congress and one of its representatives delivered a speech. Taking a 100% smart photovoltaic building constructed in Colombia as example, Han Kun, the marketing manager of Phono Solar in South America, has a discussion with the audience on "the latest technological innovations in solar energy in Colombia”.

Located in Latin America, Colombia boasts sufficient sunlight resources. Currently dominated by hydropower, the Colombian market may find it difficult to supply enough electricity during a dry season. Fortunately, PV power can provide an ideal solution for improving the energy structure of Colombia. Currently, less than 3% of electricity consumed comes from solar power. To encourage private investment and use of renewable energy, the Colombian government enacted Law 1715 in 2014. The law specifies that investment in renewable energy can enjoy preferential tax conditions with respect to income tax, import tariffs, and VAT reductions. Against this background, Colombia's domestic photovoltaic industry has been developing rapidly. It was also against this backdrop that this 100% "zero-emissions" smart photovoltaic building renovation project was born.

Thanks to the ultra-high power generation efficiency of the 335W black high efficiency module manufactured by Phono Solar, the actual gross generation of the project reached 125% of the design value. Not only can the project provide 100% of the electric power the building needs as originally designed, the remaining 25% electricity generated can also be stored in the energy storage system or sold to the Grid.

As an enterprise directly under the central government specializing in energy, Phono Solar is focused on providing solutions that could reduce the cost per kilowatt hour of electricity generated for different photovoltaic markets worldwide. With the rapid growth of the photovoltaic market in Colombia, Phono Solar will continue to strengthen its close cooperation with local developers. So far, Phono Solar has established business cooperation with important local clients in Colombia in terms of commercially-distributed power stations. Michael K. Lee, head of the Overseas Business Development Department of Phono Solar, said: "Colombia is one of the most important photovoltaic markets in Latin America and the Caribbean region. We will provide it with the most efficient and reliable modules and comprehensive high-quality services, in an effort to facilitate the rapid growth of clean energy within the region.”