Phono Solar brings a variety of differentiated products to bloom Tokyo PV EXPO


On March 2nd, the three-day PV EXPO 2019 exhibition came to an end in Tokyo, Japan. Phono Solar has brought several differentiated high-efficiency solar module and off-grid energy storage systems to the show to showcase the “extreme” strength of China's centralized energy enterprises.

Founded in 2008, PV EXPO has become the largest, most professional and influential renewable energy industrial event in Japan and Asia. By 2018, Phono Solar has been exhibiting for the seventh consecutive year. For a long time, Phono Solar has integrated the craftsmanship spirit that it has always pursued into the research and development and production of its PV modules, and constantly strives to achieve the excellence. This is precisely the concept of the ancient Chinese craftsmen who created the Guqin.

Guqin is a musical instrument with a combination of technology and spirit. From ancient times to today, in order to make the guqin make a heart-wrenching and reverberating sound, the ancient Chinese artisans began to attach themselves from the paint tires, to the selection of the piano board and even the thinness of the board. Exploring and debugging, so as to sublimate the ancient sounds that have survived for more than 3,000 years and still do not change their true and quiet nature. Today, three thousand years later, in line with each other, every photovoltaic module produced by Phono Solar is constantly expressing the true meaning of “quality is life” with the silent and persistent pursuit of contemporary artisans.


Based on this initial intention, Phono Solar demonstrated its “extreme” brand concept at this exhibition. Aaron Wu, general manager of Phono Solar's overseas marketing center, said: “The 'extreme' represents the ultimate, we are to achieve the ultimate in innovation, quality and service of photovoltaic products. 2018 will be the Japanese distributed photovoltaic market continues In the year of development, through the research on the distributed photovoltaic market in Japan, we found that Japanese customers have high demand for the customized properties of photovoltaic products. Therefore, at this exhibition, we specially launched high-quality and high-performance double-sided The double-glass modules and the 20-piece 100W customized high-efficiency modules have received wide attention from customers."

In the innovation of photovoltaic products, Phono Solar has also been at the forefront of the industry. At this exhibition, Phono Solar brought its latest “Star Diamond” module products. Among them, the all-black polycrystalline "Star Diamond" module can Can Reach up to 285W due to its innovative technology and process, which can guarantee more power in the same area. The 1.4 MW power station in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, is equipped with the “Star Diamond” module supplied by Phono Solar, which has become the world's largest demonstration plant for “Star Diamond” modules in non-China.

As the latest development of MWT technology, MWT+PERC composite modules also appeared in this exhibition. With a power output of up to 310W, this module achieves world-class performance and truly coexists of functionality and aesthetics, demonstrating the powerful innovation capabilities of Phono Solar. These advantages have also attracted many customers to visit and negotiate, becoming the most dazzling star on the Phono Solar booth.

Aaron Wu said: “Strong innovation ability, high-quality products and excellent service are the core of SUMEC’s philosophy and the important factor that Phono Solar can gain a foothold in the global market. At the attitude, in the future, we must make innovations to the utmost, products to the utmost, and services to the utmost, bringing greater value to customers in Japan and around the world."