Kyocera and Mizuho Bank successively visited Phono Solar


On October 26, the first Sino-Japanese third-party market cooperation forum was held in Beijing, which was jointly held by the Ministry of Commerce, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Japanese Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Political representatives from both countries and business representatives exchanged views on how to promote economic globalization, infrastructure construction in Asia, and strengthen Sino-Japanese innovation cooperation.

This year coincides with the 40th anniversary of the conclusion of the Sino-Japanese Treaty of Peace and Friendship. Recently, the momentum of improvement and development of bilateral relations has been strengthened. Data show that bilateral trade between China and Japan increased by 11.2% in the first eight months of this year, and Japan’s direct investment in China increased by 38.7%. In this context, China-Japan economic and trade cooperation has ushered in a new "window period." As the representative of the energy central enterprises, General Manager Cai Jibo of Jiangsu SUEMC Group Corporation, executive vice president of Phono Solar, President of SUMEC Japan etc. were invited to attend the forum and further strengthen the cooperation between the two countries in the field of new energy and Japanese companies.

Phono Solar has always taken Japan as an important oversea market, it has been working hard to strengthen cooperation with Japanese companies since its subsidiary establishment in Japan in 2014. Phono Solar uses its extensive experience to improve the quality of its products while providing the best solutions for Japanese partners. With top module quality and perfect service system, Phono Solar successfully acquired the module supply rights of the 55MW ground power station project in Gunma, Japan, which was invested by Shanghai Power. The project uses 295 MW MWT polycrystalline high-efficiency modules produced by Phono Solar. After the project is completed, it will become the largest photovoltaic power plant in Japan that uses MWT high-efficiency modules.

The project was headed by Mizuho Bank of Japan as the main financing party. In the early stage of project development, the representative of Mizuho Bank in China visited the SUMEC Group headquarters and the Phono Solar Nanjing factory. The successful acquisition of this 55MW module supply order once again proves the high quality and reliability of Phono solar module products. At the same time, the trustworthy state-owned enterprise background and excellent corporate stability have been recognized by domestic financing institutions such as Mizuho Bank (MIZUHO), and will open up third-party overseas markets in order to actively implement the “going out strategy” in response to the country's joint overseas financing channels cooperation.

In addition to Japan's Mizuho Bank, Phono Solar also won the recognition of the Japanese Kyocera Group. As a world-renowned brand, Kyocera's founder INAMORI KAZUO believes that companies must create value for their customers and follow sustainable development. When the industry is in a downturn, the most important thing is to prepare for the future. Take advantage of this precious time, think carefully about your products, services and markets, develop and prepare for possible market segments. In this regard, this coincides with the business philosophy that Phono Solar has always adhered to.

It is the common values and business philosophy made two companies ushered in historic cooperation. Just in September of this year, Mr. Goto Hiroshi, the general manager of Kyocera (China) Trading Co., Ltd., brought Mr. Naritsuka Hisanori) and Mr. Liu Hong to visit the Nanjing headquarters of SUMEC Group and reached a preliminary strategic cooperation with Phono Solar. According to the cooperation plan, the two parties will jointly cooperate on the development and construction management of photovoltaic projects in the future. The joint venture fund under SUMEC Capital will be responsible for the investment and management of future projects. This marks a new height for the cooperation between SUMEC Group and the Kyocera Group in the field of photovoltaics.