Phono Solar will Shock the Japan PV EXPO 2017 with its Production Level MWT Modules


The world's leading clean energy application system promoter and front-runner --- SUMEC, will bring its efficient PV modules branded Phono Solar to participate the international solar exhibition , PV EXPO 2017, held in Tokyo Japan from March 1stto March 3rd, introducing its mass production level MWT modules to the world.

Since its founding in 2005, PV EXPO has become the largest, most professional and influential renewable energy industry exhibition in Japan and even in East Asia. Phono Solar has participated in the exhibition for six consecutive years since 2012. This year's theme is "In Search of Remarkable". During the exhibition, Phono Solar will introduce a range of differentiated and efficient PV modules to the world, especially the mass production level MWT modules.

Mass production level MWT modules introduced by Phono Solar


MWT eliminates the busbar on the front side of cell by using laser drilling and back wiring technology, and the current collected by the fingers on the front will be led to back through the silver in the holes, in thus way, the positive and negative electrodes are all arranged on the back of the cell. "Compared to traditional solar modules with a shading area of 5% to 6%, the shading area of the MWT cell is reduced to 2% to 3%. The MWT cell also eliminates the busbar from the traditional cell. Therefore, the consumption of silver paste has also been reduced, which decreases the cost of cells" said Mr. Quan Yuan, the Marketing Director of SUMEC.

The encapsulation of MWT modules also has significant differences against the traditional modules. The connection of the MWT cells is upgraded from the "wire connection" of the conventional ones to the "metal foil connection", which reduces the cell crushing rate during encapsulation as well as the series resistance. Furthermore, encapsulating the thinner cells comes true, which will decrease the cost of the modules. Quan Yuan introduces: “The use of metal foil can also enhance the heat emission of MWT modules, and the operating temperature is 3-5 degrees Celsius less than that of the traditional modules, which allows an additional 2% power generated.”

The rated power of Phono Solar MWT modules is increased 10-20 watts than that of traditional modules and the power increase effect is obvious. In addition, MWT technology has a good compatibility with black silicon, PERC, HIT and other cell technology. Moreover, MWT cells can be customized for the surface finger patterns according to customer’s preferences due to the special advantages of its technology, fully meeting the needs of more and more customization.

MWT modules surface pattern can be customized


In addition to the MWT modules, Phono Solar will also launch a full range of products consisting of the PREMIUM and PREMIUM PLUS series modules during the PV EXPO. Among them, PREMIUM series modules are mainly applied to large-scale ground-based power plant, while PREMIUM PLUS series differentiated and efficient PV modules combine the latest PERC technology, black silicon technology and MWT, which will provide more modules choice for both China “Top Runner” program and the global distributed PV power plant. The rated power of the mono module with 60 cells can be up to 305W, while the poly one can be up to 290W, reaching world-class top level.

SUMEC Group was established in 1978, and it is the state-owned key enterprises run directly by the central government and the core member of SINOMACH who is the member of Fortune 500. "Phono Solar, as a brand of PV product of SUMEC Group, has always been committed to providing global customers with PV modules of advanced technology and reliable quality. PV EXPO is the first exhibition in the global PV industry, and we launch the mass product level MWT modules and PREMIUM PLUS series differentiated and efficient PV modules, which is the embodiment of Phono Solar’s spirit of 'In search of Remarkable' " said Mr. Aaron Wu, the General Manager of Phono Solar Overseas Marketing Center.

According to Quan Yuan, Phono Solar also plans to launch “MWT  black silicon” compound high-performancecell technology within this year. This product will be fully integrated with the advantages of two technologies, so that two kinds of technology to enhance the efficiency of the cell are combined in the same piece into one, Which can reach the effect of  “1+1>2”

        From March 1stto March 3rd, Phono Solar will welcome you at E51-24 in the exhibition center of Tokyo Big Sight.