Phonosolar 1,500V System Voltage Single-glass Modules Awarded with ETL Certificate


Recently, Phono 1500V system voltage single-glass modules have been awarded with the latest Certificate of Photovoltaic Product by ETL, an authoritative certification organization in the world, representing that the system voltage has been comprehensively upgraded to 1,500V and the modules can be widely applied in large-scale high-voltage photovoltaic power stations. 

In addition, several more products have been added including mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline 5-grating solar cell and mono-crystalline Perc5-grating solar cell produced by SUMEC Phono Factory and Vietnamese Factory. In view of the authority of ETL Certificate in the photovoltaic industry in North America, the award means that the excellent performance of SUMEC Phono products has been recognized by the world’s famous third party certification organization, and also marks that 1,500V system voltage single-glass modules produced by SUMEC Phono will have a much easier access to the North American market. 

“Compared with 1,000V system voltage modules which are popular in the current market, the 1,500V ones will assist end users in reducing the quantity of parallel modules during the operation of power station. On the one hand, installing the same system can lower the expenses on inverters and other accessories, effectively reduce the costs for operation, maintenance and system balance and significantly satisfy the needs of large-scale projects; on the other hand, upgrading system voltage will greatly reduce the internal losses of the power stations, increase overall power generation of the system, bring more benefits to end users and further decrease the levelized cost of electricity,” said Sun Jianhua, General Manager of SUMEC Quality Safety Center.

About ETL 
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