In a Calm Response to EU’s “Double Anti” Probes, SUMEC’s Phono Solar about to Deliver 150MW PV Modul


Phono Solar, the photovoltaic module brand under SUMEC Group, a promoter and leader in globally leading clean energy application systems, recently announced it signed a framework agreement with Wattkraft Gmbh & Co. KG (Germany) for delivering PV modules. According to the agreement, Phono Solar would, in collaboration with Wattkraft, provide up to 150MV efficient solar PV modules to European markets, with German market as a major part.

It was reported that Wattkraft, a German engineering and systems integrator, has long been dedicated to European solar PV markets dominated by Germany, and, in a rather strong position, now it is the biggest distributor of Huawei, which has established strategic partnership with Phono Solar, for supplying its PV inverters in Europe.

“In the future, Phono Solar will maintain close cooperation with Wattkraft. With the help of Wattkraft’s extensive channels of distribution, sales of our efficient modules will hopefully achieve sustained and rapid growth. Currently speaking, we have actively done preparatory work in areas like plant capacity and raw material supply, hoping to be well prepared for supplying products to Europe this year,” said Wu Xiawei, general manager of Phono Solar’s Overseas Marketing Center.

Written by Ma Chaomin, Market Dept.