Phono Solar's black silicon technology patented to increase module "specific power" b


Recently world leading clean energy application system impeller Phono Solar has announced that An Inverted Pyramid Structure of Polysilicon Surface and Its Preparation Method, a new black silicon cell process independently developed by Phono Solar, has won the patent for invention (patent number: 201610005713.6) from the State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C, marking a major breakthrough of Phono Solar in black silicon cell technology, and showing its strong sense of responsibility for reducing cost per kilowatt-hour of electricity and promoting the development of the PV power generation industry as a central enterprise.

In the era of knowledge economy, innovation has gradually become the source and power of corporate development. Through its top R&D team, leading technical strength and high-end manufacturing equipment, Phono Solar will adhere to independent innovation, and constantly improve its R&D and manufacturing level, to promote the high-end and intelligent development of China's PV manufacturing.