Phono Solar Wins Largest-Ever Order for PV Modules in Indian Market


The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation ended successfully on May 15th, while Phono Solar, the photovoltaic module brand under SUMEC Group, a promoter and leader in globally leading clean energy application systems as well as a key member of world top-500 enterprise SINOMACH, presented its own gift for this success as it announced it would provide up to 82MW efficient solar PV modules to its Indian customer. The announcement marked the largest order Phono Solar ever won in Indian market.

This time’s signing of a supply order for the 82MW PV modules signified that Phono Solar is becoming one of the backbones for promoting a deeper cooperation between China and India in energy sector.

With supreme product quality, strict manufacturing standards and scientific management system, Phono Solar was able to smoothly pass a series of harsh tests for winning the order, and its plants would run at full capacity to ensure the delivery of the order with quality and quantity guaranteed.

Phono Solar has been the first in the industry to adopt the usage of 7-layered corrugated paper & enhanced vibration-proof packing container, which can still ensure zero cracks on Phono Solar’s modules even if they have to endure 20,000-mile-long extreme distance transport.

Written by Ma Chaomin, Market Dept.