SUMEC Ceremoniously Releases PHONO SOLAR Two New Module Products in Japan


On November 7, SUMEC ENERGY 2017 New Product Launch was held in Tokyo, Japan, on which SUMEC ENERGY ceremoniously introduced PHONO SOLAR’s two new module products, “Nano-Texturing” and “MWT”, to Japanese market, aiming to provide the latest high-quality and high-efficiency PV products for Japanese customers. About 100 guests including Mr. Cai Jibo, general manager of SUMEC GROUP, Mr. Diao Xu, president of Shanghai Electric Power Japan Co. Ltd, and Mr. Wataru Ichikawa, president of KIS Co. Ltd., as well as news media, had attended the launch conference.

At the conference, Mr. Cai expressed his sincere appreciation for all the partners and customers attending this launch conference which had supported PHONO SOLAR’s business in Japan for a long time. Then, Mr. Cai presented a vivid brand promotion of SUMEC GROUP for all the attending guests. Mr. Cai said that SUMEC GROUP’s headquarters was located in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China. Nanjing City owned rich educational resources, talents resources and abundant cultural deposit. In historical heritage, SUMEC people had always adhered to the concept “Quality Is Life” advocated by our ancient craftsmen and conducted close cooperation with Japanese excellent organizations for lean production with continuous investments, so as to ensure every product delivered by SUMEC was the elaborate one regardless of single commodity or project engineering.

Based on its solid strength and resources as well as 40-year brand of central enterprise, SUMEC ENERGY has always integrated the long-term pursuing lean manufacturing and high-end quality with its brand of PV modules—PHONO SOLAR. Since SUMEC established its branch company in Japan in 2014, our company has always adhered to the original aspiration of our customers and provided high-quality, high-efficiency and high-reliability PV products for the Japanese investors and customers, and we have also been constantly praised and trusted by Japanese customers. Up to now, SUMEC has sold as many as 500 MW products in Japanese market. In terms of the products, it has always been the goal for us to have consideration with endless efforts on how to maximize the values for our customers using PHONO SOLAR modules.

Adhering to such a concept, SUMEC ENERGY ceremoniously introduced PHONO SOLAR’s two new module products, “Nano-Texturing” and “MWT”, on this launch conference. It’s reported that the latest “Nano-Texturing” modules have adopted the unique technology, Nano-Texturing, in the world. Being different from traditional black silicon technology, PHONO SOLAR’s technical team can make use of the “DIAMOND” pits on the surface of PV cells to efficiently absorb the scattered sunlight at dawn and twilight, so that the “kWh/kW” of conventional modules can be increased by 3% in the case of not increasing the cost of solar cells and the power output can be greatly improved.

Generally speaking, the scattered sunlight at dawn and twilight cannot be effectively absorbed for power generation by conventional modules. However, “Nano-Texturing” modules can fully absorb the scattered sunlight so as to prolong module power generation time for more power output; meanwhile, compared to conventional modules, since “Nano-Texturing” modules have adopted diamond wire cutting technology, the costs have also been reduced, which ensures “Nano-Texturing” modules to realize higher power output in the unit cost.