SUMEC Working Together with Jiangsu Solarspace Co., Ltd. to Develop Black Silicon High Efficiency Ce


On July 16, 2016, SUMEC Energy Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SUMEC”) announced that it had reached an agreement with Jiangsu Solarspace Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Solarspace”) to jointly establish a joint venture, Xuzhou Zhonghui Solarspace Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhonghui Solarspace”) and work together to develop the black silicon technology which is expected to play a leading role in the market. SUMEC indicated that establishment of Zhonghui Solarspace meant that the black silicon high efficiency solar cell piece which was self-developed by the company could be produced in bulk with annual output expecting to break 700MW.

It was understood that RMB 250 million yuan had been invested in Xuzhou Zhonghui Solarspace Co., Ltd., establishment of the joint venture meant that SUMEC would possess a stable base for supply of high efficiency solar cells in future. Relying on advanced black silicon technology in the industry, it also increased the overall  competitiveness of the enterprise while providing superior and high efficiency photovoltaic products for the clients. Besides, Zhonghui Solarspace would also become a research & development platform and test base for solar cell technology of SUMEC in future, thus providing incubators for technological innovation and research and development of the company.

At present, with gradual expansion of the demonstration effects of national “Top Runner Program”, the high-efficient solar cells and components technology which confirms to the standards of top runner are increasing favored by the market, and the black silicon technology is undoubtedly having great development potential with its excellent technical features. Industry experts expressed that, as one of the optimum plans to solve the problems of multi-crystalline silicon texturization cut by diamond wire, the black silicon technology can not only improve the cutting line, but also promote transfer efficiency of polycrystalline cells thus increasing the power of components.

At this stage, there are a handful of domestic manufacturers can achieve the production of black silicon cells, SUMEC has taken a fancy to the development potential of this technology, so as to set up a joint venture company to enter this field. “The advantages of black silicon technology is obvious, from the manufacturing level, compared to traditional solar cell production line, the equipment cost of SUMEC black silicon cell manufacturing of wet method has no increase than traditional equipment, at the same time, this technology is compatible with diamond wire cutting polycrystalline silicon wafer, which can save at least 5% of the cost than the traditional cutting process. From the efficiency level, the absolute average efficiency of this black silicon diamond wire polycrystalline cells can achieve 18.6% -18.8%, the relative efficiency can increase by 0.3% -0.4%; in addition, the company is equipped with highly automated and intelligent production line, based on real-time Internet large data, can realize automatic identification, automatic adjustment and other functions, which not only greatly enhance the rate of good products and production efficiency, but also reduce a large amount of labor cost for enterprise.” Li Xiaojiang, General Manager of SUMEC said.

Li Xiaojiang said that with the production of Zhonghui Photovoltaic, in the future,both parties would further make full use of their advantages of technology and production in respective areas of photovoltaic manufacturing, and jointly promote the continuous improvement of black silicon technology to enhance the conversion efficiency of polycrystalline cells and help reduce the electricity cost of photovoltaic power station,  to achieve the ultimate goal that the user side can use the Internet with low cost.