SUMEC Energy to Tap Cooperative Potentials behind the Belt and Road Initiatives, a 4.71 MW Photovolt


In recent years,the Chinese photovoltaic industry, benefiting from the vigorous support of government at national strategic level as well as the all round promotion of the Belt and Road Initiative, has ushered in rapid growth. Faced with tremendous development opportunities in various markets, the superior PV enterprises in China, in addition to rooting in domestic market, are further tapping development potentials – in global emerging markets, particularly in the markets of the countries without matureelectric power facilities and along the route of the Belt and Road initiative.


Turkey, a key country along the route of the Belt and Road initiative, has long been struggling  with oil and gas resource shortage, and excessive dependence on imports.To this end, the proposal on enhancing energy investments and cooperation proposed by China in the Belt and Road Strategy wins an enthusiastic response from more than 60 countries and regions, including Turkey. In this context, SUMEC Energy, a new energy solution provider with government-related funds, utilizes its strength in new energy sources, especially in solar PV, to assist both China and Turkey in new energy development.


Recently,SUMEC Energy announced that Global Solar Co., Ltd., a joint venture, has already completed the building of a 4.71MW PV power station in Turkish city of Isparata and connected it to the grid. This project, covering an area of 8 ha, has used 18,500 high-efficiency PV modules from Phono Solar, a subsidiary of SUMEC Energy. The average annual yield of this project, after being put into operation, is predicted to reach 7,500,000 kWh. This is sufficient to meet the electricity demands of 2, 500 families with four members per family. It is also equivalent to 3,000 tons of reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.


It is reported that Global Solar Co., Ltd. is a joint venture invested by both German Sybac Solar International and SUMEC Energy. Its objective is to jointly push forward the development of overseas power station projects. With its successful completion, this project does not just provide green clean electricity for local citizens, but it also lays a solid foundation for SUMEC Energy to smoothly develop and undertake Turnkey business abroad in the future.


Head of the Marketing Division of SUMEC Energy Yuan Quan said: "the Isparata project adds up our experience in building a solar photovoltaic power station in Turkey, and strengthen sour will to 'go global'. Later, we will further deepen our cooperation with superior energy enterprises, and actively participate in the construction of high-quality clean energy projects along the route, and promote the application of PV power and other new energy around the world."