SUMEC Energy to create an unprecedented Art Photovoltaic Exhibition at Intersolar


Intersolar Europe is by far the largest, most influential and professional exhibition for the solar industry. Since its founding in 1991, twenty-five years of development has turned it into a platform gathering the enterprises in different segments of the solar industry from around the world. Intersolar 2016 took place from the 22nd to 24th of June in Munich, Germany. Phono Solar, a subsidiary of SUMEC Energy, has been attending the exhibition for nine consecutive years. This year, Phono Solar participated, with a theme of “in Search of Remarkable” and the exhibition stand was designed in  the style of a ”contemporary art painting exhibition”. An ideal platform for Phono Solar to release its new products of leading competitiveness. During the course of the event, the Phono Solar stand attracted numerous visitors, industry peers and stakeholders in the solar industry.

As the global photovoltaic market is entering its maturity, smarter and more efficient photovoltaic modules of improved environmental adaptation have become a market focus. Phono Solar had carefully selected differentiated module products to be presented in a form of an art gallery with a simple and clean layout so as to keep the visitors appreciating every piece of works in a calm state.

The “painting” in a red frame is named Edge, a smart module with Solar EdgeTM power optimizer from Phono Solar. It can reduce losses of power output resulting from current mismatch between modules, and lower the possibility of failure to modules so as to improve overall performance of the PV system.

The “painting” entitled Glacier is a 285W dual-glass module with high-efficiency PERC solar cells. In addition to solving the problem of difficulty in installation of dual glass module, it also improves the overall efficiency of PV system. 

The smart module of 330 W peak power attainable is called Giant. This module is effective in the reduction of BOS (balance of system) costs for the system and particularly to be applicable to a roof project of a large area.

A good product is like a dish of tempting delicacy, and an ingenious exhibition stand is like a delicate container holding it. Phono Solar designed their exhibition stand closely around the theme of “in Search of Remarkable”, and adopted the way of a “contemporary art painting exhibition” to showcase them. Dominant, in a color of ivory white, the wall surfaces were further treated with latex through sandblasting so as to create a special texture of fine particles. Furthermore, the linear frames interspersed with Phono green built out a simple European style, and a high-end and exquisite visual image, reflecting the steady and splendor characters and the spirit in pursuit of quality of Phono Solar. A super-wide screen in 48:9, which was used to play the video-on-demand on scroll, bought strong visual impact to the exhibition stands in a manner of static and dynamic contrast.