SUMEC's 37.7% Growth of Imp. & Exp. in 2014 Hits New Record


The total imports and exports of SUMEC Group in 2014 reached USD 4.57 billion , a new record high, according to the newly released statistical data of SUMEC’s international trade in 2014. The growth rate, 37.7% higher than in 2013, is about 10 times that of the total national imports and exports over the same period.

In 2014, SUMEC actively responded to challenges and promoted transformation, upgrade, and innovative development in a comprehensive manner. SUMEC advocates transforming from scale expansion to endogenous growth depending on model innovation, technology improvement, and management upgrade, from the low-end and low value-added model to the high-end and high value-added model, from product management to brand management, and from general service to systematic service, in order to cultivate new global competitiveness based on model, technology, quality, brand, and service.

In the field of imports and exports, SUMEC continuously optimizes the product and service structure, accelerates the pace of internationalization and going global, promotes the construction of global marketing platform, localizes market survey, technology research and development, warehouse logistics and after-sales services, and explores the development capability, innovation capability, and management capability, in order to lay a solid foundation for adapting to the "new normal" economy and for a smooth start of the 13th Five-Year Plan.