Romanian Investor gained award by Phono Solar High-Performance PV Modules


Recently, Phono Solar, a global leading strategic renewable energy provider, has announced that Montana Energy Rom SRL, a PV power plant investor of Romania, was listed in2015 RomaniaTop National companies Catalog and ranked first in small and medium high-tech enterprises. All enterprises listed in this catalog are most professional and prestigious companies of Romania.


Phono Solar had exclusively delivered 5.5MW PV modules for Montana Energy Rom SRL.This power plant located in Maxineni, Braila County, Romania, was completed in December 2013. As theexclusive module supplier, Phono Solar provided superior high performance 240W PV modules, one of the top-quality PV modules of the industry. These modules maintain a stable, high capacity generating performance, evenunder harsh environments. This 5.5MW power plant is estimated to generate over 70,000,000kWh and reduces nearly 4,000 tons of CO2every year.


Li Rongkun, the general manager of Phono Solar states that, “Phono Solar standards” are higher than international standards, with a strong track record of reliability and performance for at least 25 years. Phono Solar’s PV module ensure viable and stable, return on investment. In turn, for many investors Phono Solar has become the partner of choice for reliability