IST and Phono Solar to Join Forces


SAN FRANCISCO, California. — IST and Phono Solar, a leading solar manufacturer, signed a memorandum of understanding for a partnership at this year’s Intersolar North America trade show.

Through their partnership, Integrated Solar Technology (IST) and Phono Solar will work together to develop and supply new innovative roof-integrated solar panels, which provide a more effective and attractive way to harness energy from the sun.

“We are thrilled to work with an experienced supplier like Phono Solar to bring our innovative roof-integrated solar products to market” said Oliver Koehler, CEO and founder of IST. “Roof-integrated solar panels are attached directly to a roof and thereby generate clean energy and function as a roofing material. Because these products must accomplish two things at once, it is especially important to work with an experienced and reliable supplier like Phono Solar.”

Made with high-efficiency photovoltaic cells and an innovative mounting system, roof-integrated solar panels are installed just like ordinary roofing materials. The solar panels are mounted flush to the roof and overlap in a way that allows the panels to fit seamlessly with each other and with the surrounding tile or asphalt shingles. Because the panels replace the tile or asphalt shingles, they enable the customer to get additional savings from their solar system.

While the advanced solar panels are being developed by IST, Phono Solar will contribute its years of experience and expertise in the solar energy field, as well as its superb manufacturing capabilities. The combined efforts of both IST and Phono Solar will yield high quality roof-integrated solar panels that will provide an important new product option for consumers.

“Our arrangement with IST will help bring this technology to market more quickly and effectively,” said Tony Guerrero, Marketing Director for Phono Solar North America. “By pairing IST’s innovative design with Phono Solar’s extraordinary solar manufacturing abilities, we can be sure that roof-integrated solar panels will hit all of our benchmarks in terms of efficiency, reliability and longevity.”

The MOU between the two companies sets forth a three-year cooperative effort, during which roof-integrated technology will be developed, tested and marketed.

About Integrated Solar Technology (IST), LLC

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