Phono Solar Obtained the First AWEA Certificate Issued in China


Recently, the small-sized wind generating set of Phono Solar passed the AWEA certification of Intertek, a global leading quality and safety service organization, and obtained the first AWEA small-sized wind generator certificate in China.

Since being involved in independent research, development and manufacturing of wind generator products in 2009, Phono Solar has been dedicated in small-sized wind generator products and made remarkable achievements. In 2011, Phono Wind series wind generator product obtained the first CE certification. And in 2013, the obtaining of the first AWEA certification re-proves the reliable quality, outstanding performance and international standards compliance of wind generator of Phono Wind and is of significant importance for further expanding of Phono Wind products’ marketing to the world and improving of the brand’s international influence!

As it is well-known that small-sized wind generating sets have incomparably broad market in North America and the Europe; however, there are strict technical and regulatory requirements. Moreover, the subsidy policies of European and American countries are very complicated and can only be enjoyed after passing corresponding certifications. Take the AWEA certification for example, it contains a whole set of authentication as design evaluation, type test, factory inspection and etc. Most small-sized wind generating sets in China are failed in passing authentication of European and American standards, which restricts the access of China’s small-sized wind generating set to such markets.

Intertek has the qualifications granted by A2LA and CNAS for type test of wind generating set, which cover all test items of wind generating sets, including power curve, mechanical load, noise, power quality, safety function as well as the durability test exclusively for small-sized wind generator. As the only one organization qualifying for type test of wind generating set among international test and certification companies in China, Intertek may provide all localized testing services for wind generating sets, including test equipment installation, data analysis and writing test report to assist Chinese wind generating sets manufacturers in shortening the whole test period and reducing test cost; at the same time, it also meets the requirements of international test quality.

SUMEC Group, parent company of Phono Solar, has maintained good cooperation relationship with Intertek in the fields of power tool, small-sized wind generator, PV products and etc. As a global leading quality and safety service organization, Intertek possesses the world leading advantages in new energy certification. Phono Solar successfully joined its “Satellite Plan” in November 2012 and further deepened the cooperation in the field of international certification. After only 4 months, wind power generating products of Phono Solar also obtained the AWEA certification firstly in China. “During the cooperation, Intertek provides localized solutions with the fastest response speed, the first-class professional skill and abundant experience in this industry, which gives profound expression to excellence of Intertek as a professional test certification organization. We see the service commitment of Intertek and we believe the professional service of Intertek will provide firmer guarantee for us to engage in international market. And the obtaining of AWEA certification is another assertive evidence of the strength and good cooperative relationship of both parties,” commented by CAI Jibo, vice president of SUMEC Group and president of Phono Solar Technology Co., Ltd.