Promoted by “BRIC Strategy”, Phono Solar Officially Engaging in Brazil Market


From July 11 to July 13, 2012, the First International Photovoltaic, Photothermal and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Expo (EnerSolar Brasil) of Brazil was held in Sao Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil. With the unique wind solar hybrid system as well as the professional competence in providing integration, Phono Solar attracted a lot of attention from the participants and media.

As the largest country in Latin America, Brazil has the world fifth population and territory area. Brazil developed rapidly in the past 10 years, and has been the world sixth economy country and an important member of “BRIC”. The ideal geographic location endows Brazil with ideal condition for developing solar power and wind power. Hydro electric power occupies 3/4 of total electricity supply of Brazil. At present, the national policies encourage to improve energy efficiency in housing and industry, and develop new energies as solar power, biological energy and wind power. For the existing photovoltaic application system in Brazil, 50% is applied in the telecommunication system, while the other 50% is applied in rural energy system. However, according to the photovoltaic incentive policy announced in Brazil on April 12 of this year, more civil and commercial systems will emerge in 2013.

As the first photovoltaic expo in Brazil, EnerSolar Brasil attracted nearly 150 enterprises; wherein Chinese enterprises account for over a half. In consideration of the incompletely defined photovoltaic policies, insufficient specialty of related employees as well as the market feature of expensive regular power, instead of solely providing photovoltaic modules, combining with the system integration capability accumulated in mature markets as Europe, America, China and etc., Phono Solar duly introduced the wind solar hybrid system (Phono System), including Wind Solar Hybrid Light, On-Grid AC System, and Off-Grid DC System. Immediately after appearance of the product, many customers were attracted to consult. In nearly 400 person-time of visitor volume, over half of the customers clearly expressed their great interest in Phono System and showed their willing about further contact. Meanwhile, as for the key issues of Inmetro authentication, logistics customs clearance, tax rate and channel construction, etc. relating to future product marketing and project development, Phono Solar also thoroughly exchanged views with the visiting customers.

The expo, being strongly supported by Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Energy and Industry Commission of Brazil, is the trade and communication window for solar energy industry in Brazil and even Central & South America and Caribbean Area. Participating in the EnerSolar Brasil, an importance link of Phono Solar “BRIC Strategy”, symbolizes that Phono Solar has officially engaged in Brazil market, relying on which business in South America Market will be expanded. While providing targeted systematic products, Phono Solar will cooperate with local agents in the near future to provide well-bedded training for potential installers, thereby to develop the new energy market in this country.

Closing Date: Monday, July 23, 2012