Phono Solar modules pass PID test with excellent performance results


Phono Solar, a global renewable energy solutions manufacturer, today announced that its photovoltaic (PV) modules have passed the PID (Potential Induced Degradation) test conducted by the Berlin Photovoltaic Research Institution (Pl-Berlin) and have been rated as Grade A. Grade A is the highest level that can be obtained, which requires that the reduction of power generation be less than 5% upon completion of the test.

A unified PID international testing standard is not yet available, however, Pl-Berlin has adopted testing criteria that are among the most demanding in the field. The modules are exposed to an environment of 85°C, and relative humidity of 85%, whilst applying a voltage of 1000V for 48 hours consecutively. Phono Solar modules were successfully tested for an extended time of 96 hours, with no attenuation in the power output of modules.

Yuan Quan, Marketing Manager at Phono Solar, said: “Customers are increasingly paying close attention to the degradation of modules over time. These results, obtained from an authoritative third-party testing institution, provide a clear demonstration that Phono Solar can assure the power output of modules and further guarantee to users an investment of income for at least 25 years.”

Phono Solar also recently received ETL 1000V high-voltage certification in North America, which allows its PV modules to be employed in photovoltaic power stations with a higher system voltage. Yuan Quan added, “Phono Solar continues to look to technological innovation and will consistently supply customers with high-quality photovoltaic modules.”

Closing Date: Nov. 21, 2012