Phono Wind firstly achieved IEC certificate from Intertek in China


 Phono Wind as a brand of micro wind turbine which belongs to Phono Solar Technology Co., Ltd. achieved IEC certificate a few days ago. This was the first IEC certificate in China issued for micro wind turbine by Intertek.

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is the world’s leading organization that prepares and publishes International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies and it is also one of three global sister organizations (IEC, ISO, ITU) that develop International Standards for the world. Over 10000 experts from industry, commerce, government, test and research labs, academic and consumer groups participate in IEC Standardization work. This IEC certificate for Phono Wind is based on standard of IEC 61400-2:2006.

Phono Solar started to research and develop micro wind turbines three years ago, especially focus on micro wind turbines which is below 100KW and also build the testing wind field in both China and Germany. Phono Wind concentrating on the design, manufacturing, sales and technical service of Micro Wind Turbine, supplies the high quality Micro Wind Turbines for the worldwide home users and system installers. The models of Phono Wind which achieved IEC certificate this time are 1KW, 2KW, 3KW and 5 KW.

The acquisition of IEC is a significant milestone for the transformation of Phono Solar that is becoming ‘Key System Component Supplier’ from Module Supplier. It also means Phono Wind has expanded sales region dramatically.