SINOMACH to Strengthen Cooperation with Odessa Oblast, Ukraine


On November, 3 2011, SINOMACH Group and Odessa Oblast, Ukraine organized the China-Ukraine Conference for the Odessa Oblast Industrial Park Project and Investment Project. The parties discussed the cooperation issues on the industrial park project and harbor project that the Group had undertaken in the province. During the conference, the parties further specified the cooperation details and arranged the subsequent work for the construction of the industrial park.

This past June, Vice President Xie Biao headed a delegation that visited Ukraine and met with Odessa Oblast Governor Eduard and Vice Governor Natalia. After investigation and discussions on the industrial park project to be jointly constructed by the parties, a 13km2 piece of state-owned land was selected as the development base for the Sino-Ukraine Demonstrative Industrial Park. SINOMACH Group will be the investor and will jointly develop it with the Odessa Oblast government.

Odessa Oblast is an important harbor city on the Ukrainian coast of the Black Sea. It has a profound history, a well-developed economy, and enjoys clear advantages in transportation, agriculture, new energy, culture, and tourism. It was reported that Ukraine was planning 10 industrial parks nationwide, of which three were located in Odessa Oblast. The industrial park to be jointly constructed with SINOMACH was the largest among these three.

Vice President Xie Biao remarked that SINOMACH would leverage its resource advantages to comprehensively strengthen its cooperation with Odessa Oblast in areas such as EPC construction, engineering equipment manufacturing, and energy facility construction and He also said that SINOMACH would deliver the industrial park project properly and help the province with its urban development.

Alexander Marin, Vice Governor of Odessa Oblast, pointed out that not only will the industrial park project help the economic and industrial development of Ukraine, the success of the project will also establish an example for other renowned international enterprises and show them that investments in Ukraine are practical and viable.

Closing Date: Wednesday, April 27, 2012