New year activity ‘WIN’ held by Phono Solar on Jan 16th


Phono Solar held a series of activities which was called ‘WIN’ for Chinese New Year on 16th of Jan, 2012. There were nearly a hundred of people from home and abroad joined this big event.

In the morning of 16th, the opening speech of ‘2012 Phono Solar Annual Conference’ was given by Mr. Cai Jibo, the president of Phono Solar. In the speech, he reviewed ten important events happened in renewable energy industry during the year of 2011, presented ten achievements Phono Solar obtained in 2011 and cleared the objectives of Phono Solar for 2012. He also displayed the video of Phono Solar’s new factory and testing center. Meanwhile, he announced the new version of Phono Solar official website would be on line on 12:00 AM that day.

Then, the costumers from Czech Republic and Germany gave speeches. They described the high quality products and excellent service of Phono Solar and the cooperation plan with Phono Solar in 2012.

In the speeches from HSBC and China Development Bank, they fully affirmed the stability and sustainability of Phono Solar as a state-owned PV enterprise and showed their strong support for the strategy of Phono Solar.

In the closing speech of Mr. Yu Benli, president of SUMEC Group, gave a highly praise to the positive growth of Phono Solar and the zero risk operation of goods and payment during the hard time of renewable market. Besides, he expressed SUMEC’ fully support to the development of Phono Solar as the mother company and thanks to all the customers for their support and help.

During two-hour Annual conference, Phono Solar fully showed its international strength and enhanced the confidence for the strategic cooperation with the customers. This annual conference achieved a great success which laid the foundation of development of Phono Solar and played a key role that promoted the brand image of Phono Solar and SUMEC.

In the afternoon, Phono Solar gave a visual feast to almost 2000 people that included all the overseas customers and employees. This show which impressed everyone also achieved great success. They did not only perform a wonderful show, but also showed the enterprising spirit of Phono Solar.

Closing Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2012