With Roots in Education, Love Flourishes in Equatorial Guinea


The Equatorial Guinea Djibloho Power Transmission and Distribution Line Project undertaken by CMEC covered almost the entire mainland of Equatorial Guinea and power transmission lines stretched along the roads into the cities and villages.While expanding its market, SINOMACH CMEC has been active in making donations to build Love Schools to help those poverty-striken children to go to school.

Wherever we travel in the country, local children could always been spotted, carrying exercise books in their hands and commuting between their homes and schools on their bare feet on early mornings and late evenings. Their “schools” were nothing more than wooden cabins supported by trees and built using rain-proof layers. Desks and chairs were made of a few wooden boards. Children of different ages squeezed into the small wooden cabins for lessons and read books under the dim light of kerosene lamps. Hearing the kids reading in the wooden cabins always reminded us of the children in the poverty-struck regions of China and filled us with compassion.

Therefore the project manager proposed to the Group headquarter to donate and construct a school for Equatorial Guinea. The suggestion was fully supported by the company officials. The project manager immediately wrote to the Equatorial Guinea Ministry of Mines and Energy and expressed our intention to donate and construction this love primary school. The Equatorial Guinea Ministry of Mines and Energy was very delighted to receive the letter and actively coordinated and consulted with us on the implementation of the construction of the love primary school. In order to allocate the resource to where its needed most, the project manager and officials from Equatorial Guinea Ministry of Mines and Energy and the local government discussed repeatedly and went through enormous trouble before finally selecting a construction site near Mongomo as the city was remote from the economically established coastal regions with relatively dense population and obsolescent educational facilities.

After thorough preparations, the ground-breaking ceremony for the love primary school was held on August 24th, 2010. During the construction, the project manager assigned a dedicated staff to administer the management of the love primary school project and ensure the quality, safety and progress of the school construction. Officials from the Equatorial Guinea Ministry of Mines and Energy and local Mongomo government visited the site several times for inspection and expressed great concerns for the construction of the love primary school. The Company leaders also called many times to enquire on the construction status of the school and requested the construction tasks to be completed with satisfactory quality so as to deliver a superior love primary school project to the Equatorial Guinea people.
The kind and unsophisticated Equatorial Guinea people expressed their heart-felt emotions towards us in their unique manner. The most impressive incident took place in a raining night. A colleague was driving to our accommodation 80 km away when the tire burst and the wheels sank deeply in the muddy road. There was almost no vehicle on the road and the phone could not get through. He was complete stuck. At this difficult moment, he heard a friendly voice: “Amigo” (“friend” in Spain) and a black young man walked up to him. After a short conversation and realizing that this colleague was on the construction team of the power transmission and distribution line project and the love primary school, the black young man passionately shook hands with my colleague and hugged him. Then he gestured “wait a minute” and left. In no time he reappeared with a dozen young man and children. They sounded the work rhyme and pushed the vehicle out of the mud pit. The daylight was completely out at this moment and they helped this colleague to change the tire. When my colleague tried to remunerate them with money, they all refused and only the children accepted some biscuits and mineral water…

At last, the love primary school passed the quality acceptance inspection and a grand completion ceremony was planned. On the day of the ceremony, the local people appeared with festival dresses and the singing and dancing performances they elaborately prepared. Students were dressed in standard school uniforms and, upon seeing us, rose from their seats and expressed their gratitude around us. The governor and mayor of Mongomo and officials representing the Ministry of Mines and Energy and the mainland government addressed the ceremony to congratulate the successful completion of the love primary school and express gratitude towards the generous aid from our company. They emphasized that the power transmission and distribution line project implemented by our company in the country was a superb project bringing light to the people of Equatorial Guinea. They also urged the local people to treasure and protect the power facilities and encourage the children to cherish the opportunity to study and make use of the quality power project delivered by the Chinese company to contribute to the improvement of the local people’s lives and the nation’s development in the future.

A love primary school tied our hearts closely with those of the Equatorial Guinea people. At the end of the completion ceremony, the local kids scrambled to take photos with us. Some students who did not manage to get a shot cried out and our feelings were beyond words. Education should be a fair opportunity so that children across the world could enjoy it alike, regardless of the varying environments. The environments can be changed as long as one holds on to his/her faith. The successful construction of the love primary school improved the local teaching facilities and offered the Equatorial Guinea children a beautiful environment to seek knowledge. This to a certain extent shed the light of hope on them.

We sincerely hope that children of Equatorial Guinea would be entitled to more education opportunities and that the children coming out of this love primary school would become useful talents for their country. We believe that Equatorial Guinea will no doubt embrace a bright future with unremitting efforts of the Equatorial Guinea people. Meanwhile, we truly hope that the mainland power transmission and distribution line project that we constructed could become the bridge of friendship connecting the Chinese and Equatorial Guinea people and this love primary school we donated and constructed would become a monument to witness the China- Equatorial Guinea friendship.

Closing Date: Saturday, April 28, 2012