Republic of Belarus Deputy Prime Minister Tozik Visits SINOMACH Group


On November 9th 2011, a delegation headed by Anatoly A. Tozik, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus, visited SINOMACH Group. Chairman Ren Hongbin warmly received Mr. Tozik and his delegation.

Mr. Tozik watched Chairman Ren Hongbin’s presentation on the business developments of SINOMACH Group in Belarus and learned about SINOMACH’s key business areas and the Group’s major technological accomplishments and engineering projects completed over recent years. Mr. Tozik highly praised SINOMACH’s extensive business presence and powerful strength in industrial fields and expressed great interest in cooperating in business areas such as agricultural machinery manufacturing, new energy, civil designs and automobile engineering. He remarked humorously in retrospect that YTO Group was established with the help of Minsk Tractor Works and now would be the time for YTO Group to help Minsk Tractor Works in return, and that if the two enterprises could combine their strengths through cooperation, they would be able to secure a stronger role on the international stage. After the visit, the parties had friendly, pragmatic discussions on cooperation in related projects such as the privatization of state-owned enterprises in Belarus and the Belarus Industry Park.

Over the past two years, SINOMACH Group has enthusiastically strengthened its cooperation with Belarus. Chairman Ren Hongbin has met with the country’s former Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky and Minister of Economy Mr. Nikolai Snopkov, President Xu Jian has visited Republic of Belarus Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly A. Tozik, and Vice President Liu Dagong has headed a delegation to visit and exchange ideas with relevant enterprises and design institutes in Belarus concerning cooperation between SINOMACH and Belarus. Affiliated companies of the Group have also commenced cooperation with Belarus in various fields.

On September 18th and November 8th of this year, SINOMACH Group and Belarus signed a Cooperation Framework Agreement on Privatization of State-owned Belarusian Enterprises and a Memorandum of Cooperation in the Privatization Project of Belarusian Enterprises in Minsk and Beijing, respectively, and thus, further deepened the cooperative relationship between the Group and Belarus. Under the cooperation framework agreement, the Belarusian Ministry of Economy will furnish SINOMACH Group with relevant information on the basic conditions for transferring its state assets and the operations overviews of the enterprises to be transferred; SINOMACH Group has agreed to be a strategic investor in the privatization process of Belarusian enterprises; the parties will select and recommend their corresponding enterprises to promote cooperation and implement projects together; and the parties will also provide all assistance required to link the corresponding enterprises of both countries.

It was reported that the privatization plans of Belarus were implemented from 2011-2013. In view of the stable political environments in China today, and the experience and strengths of SINOMACH in the area of machinery manufacturing, Belarus has come to realize the necessity of expanding its investment cooperation with SINOMACH Group and looks forward to the new opportunities such cooperation could bring for the economic development of the country.