Phono Solar first achieved OHSAS18001 certification


Phono Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (Phono Solar) recently announced that it had successfully achieved OHSAS18001 which is short for ‘Occupational Health and Safety Management System Specification’. Now phono Solar successfully set up new management pattern upon quality, environment and occupational health and safety based on ISO9001 and ISO14001 which they have already achieved before.

OHSAS 18000 is an international occupational health and safety management system specification. OHSAS 18001 was created via a concerted effort from a number of the world’s leading national standards bodies, certification bodies, and specialist consultancies. OHSAS 18000 actually forms part of the acclaimed Health and Safety Electronic Kit. This includes not only the text from OHSAS 18001/2, but a safety manual, and implementation guide and various other materials and information.

Phono Solar first achieved ISO9001 in 2008 and ISO14001 in 2010. Holding the people-oriented concept and considering the widely use of OHSAS18001 in various areas, Phono Solar started to work on the occupational health and safety management system specification in May of 2011. In September of the same year, after the first trial and retrial, Phono Solar received the expert group’s approval.

As the world’s leading renewable energy enterprise, Phono Solar’s successful achievement of OHSAS 18001 not only reflects the corporate purpose of ‘having social responsibility’, but also r2emoves the barriers of obtaining Bankable qualifications from overseas banks.

‘The next step is we are considering that we are going to integrate the management system of quality, environment and occupational health and safety. We can construct an integral management system and realize the efficient resource configuration, so that our management system will be lift to a new height and our team will achieve a stronger target,’ said Mr. Cai Jibo, President of Phono Solar.

Closing Date: Thursday, January 12, 2012