With “Overseas Factory Pattern” Implemented, SUMEC ENERGY Successfully Exports Chinese Brand


Recently, the commissioning ceremony of PV Module Factory jointly established by SUMEC ENERGY and Smart Energy, a well-known PV enterprise in Turkey, was held in GOSB industrial park in Istanbul.

Dr. Davut Kavranoglo, special energy advisor to Turkish President, Mr. Wang Difan, general manager of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation Jiangsu Branch, Mr. Cai Jibo, general manager of SUMEC Group, Mr. Halil Demirdag, president of Smart Energy, as well as the representatives and friends from PV industries in China and Turkey had witnessed the important moment. After the ceremony, all the guests and representatives visited the PV Module Factory supported by SUMEC ENERGY. They also signed their names on the first PV module which symbolized the start of production.

It was said that the factory was invested and constructed by Turkish Smart Energy. After the start of production, it will be authorized to produce mono-crystalline, poly-crystalline full range of high-efficiency module products developed by Phono Solar, a PV model brand under SUMEC ENERGY and the annual production capacity of the first-phase project will reach 400MW.

SUMEC ENERGY will provide a package of comprehensive solutions including design, construction guidance, equipment debugging and factory operation. In terms of design, SUMEC ENERGY will adopt the same technical requirements on Chinese factories and conduct factory layout in accordance with the most advanced and most mature ideas of module factory design. The equipment selected for the customer will also be the latest and the most mature models of well-known suppliers. In terms of construction, during the process of factory construction, SUMEC ENERGY team will always provide technical support on the site including preliminary design assessment and revision on water, electricity and gas supply, as well as onsite supervision and technical consultation during construction. During the process of equipment installation, SUMEC ENERGY team will strictly monitor the equipment installation, water and electricity supply as well as power system installation for sake of perfection. During the process of debugging and trial operation, SUMEC ENERGY will design a whole set of specifications for Turkish factory based on its mature organizational structure, including department allocation, personnel allocation and staff recruitment. The workers there will receive comprehensive training by technical experts from SUMEC ENERGY, so that the products from this factory are comparable to the similar products made in Chinese factories in terms of high quality, high efficiency and high durability.

We can say that the successful start of production in this factory not only reflects the core capability of SUMEC ENERGY in terms of overseas resources integration, brand output, investment and financing, but also symbolizes the successful establishment of “overseas factory pattern” of SUMEC ENERGY. It is also a major move of SUMEC ENERGY to carry out the obligations under the Belt and Road Initiative and implement international cooperation in capacity and export of high-end design in China.

SUMEC ENERGY has always attached great importance to overseas market development and actively conducted layouts in countries and regions in North America, East Asia, Europe and Oceania, so as to pragmatically promote trade business models for clean energy projects.

Meanwhile, SUMEC ENERGY actively answers the call of the Party and government to seek deeper cooperation with the countries along the Belt and Road. A series of clean energy projects in Southeast, South and Central Asia have been delivered smoothly with high quality in accordance with construction schedule. By mid-2017, SUMEC ENERGY has totally provided about 4,000MW products and services for global PV projects, which can produce about 4 billion KWH of clean electric power every year. All these achievements symbolize that SUMEC ENERGY and its PV module brand—Phono Solar have established the widespread overseas brand influence. Smooth implementation of “overseas factory plan” directly helps SUMEC ENERGY with “gorgeous metamorphosis” from engineering trade service providers to brand export service provider. (Ma Chaomin, Market Dept.)