SUMEC ENERGY “Highlights” China’s Business Card at Solar Power International 2017, USA


On September 13, 2017 (local time in USA), the annual great event in  American photovoltaic industry, Solar Power International 2017 (hereinafter referred to as “SPI”), closed in Las Vegas, USA.  

As a world-leading top-runner and promoter in clean energy application system, SUMEC ENERGY joined hands with its affiliated brand—Phono Solar to debut at exhibition of SPI to display its high-performance narrow frame dual glass, Nano-Texturing, and MWT photovoltaic module products, as well as smart home products. During the process of forum and relevant academic activities, SUMEC ENERGY was also invited to utter the voice of China to the whole world.

On September 11, 2017 (local time in USA), the “World Solar & CleanTech Influencers Forum”, which devoted to creating “win-win” future for clean energy industry practitioners, investors, policy-makers and traditional fossil energy industries, was held during the SPI. Mr. Cai Jibo, general manager of SUMEC GROUP, the parent company of SUMEC ENERGY, was invited to attend and give a speech.  

At the opening ceremony of the forum, Cai Jibo made a speech and said due to unremitting efforts made in technological innovation by global solar industry dominated by Chinese enterprises, the LCOE of clean energy had been greatly reduced in the past year, which also further promoted the demands of clean energy in some emerging markets like South America, Southeast Asia and Africa. It had been inevitable for global clean energy industry to embark on a fast track.

During the process of Round-Table Dialogue entitled “To Pave the Way for the World, Solar Industry Should Abandon Linear Thinking”, Cai Jibo said that full market competition was the power to keep the industry moving forward and sustainable profitability was even the prerequisite for enterprises to fulfill the commitments to the market and investors. Linear thinking was a single-dimensional and static thinking pattern with single cause-and-effect. Driven by such a pattern, the first thing to be considered when facing price pressure was naturally to cut its own price and then force its upstream to cut the price. However, non-linear thinking was a multi-dimensional and dynamic grid thinking pattern with multiple cause-and-effect. Under such a pattern, the first thing to be considered when facing price pressure was to coordinate with the whole industrial chain to get united and play their own advantages to cope with the difficult situation by joint efforts.

SUMEC ENERGY has always attached great importance to North American market represented by the United States. During the process of exhibition at SPI, the affiliated photovoltaic brand of SUMEC ENERGY—Phono Solar specially introduced its narrow frame dual glass module with “good appearance”, high performance and high reliability, Nano-Texturing module with exclusive patented technology in the world, MWT modules and smart home products.

The narrow frame dual glass module introduced by Phono Solar has multiple advantages such as distortion-free, non-additional-weight and easy installation, which can help investors to realize long-term reliable operation of their power plant assets.

As one of the only enterprises capable of mass-production of MWT modules and stable supply in the world, SUMEC ENERGY exhibited its high-efficiency MWT module product and attracted enormous concern. However, the SUMEC ENERGY staff will never stop their paces for “pursuit of extraordinariness”.

During the process of academic lectures at SPI, Wang Qi, R&D director of SUMEC ENERGY module, gave a speech entitled “SUMEC ENERGY’s Efforts in the Field of High-Efficiency Modules”. Phono Solar intends to introduce composite high-performance photovoltaic module products based on “Nano MWT” from the end of this year to the beginning of next year. According to the test by Phono Solar’s technical team, the average output power of “Nano MWT” composite high-performance photovoltaic module has reached 290W and the maximum power can reach 295W. In the 3,000-hour attenuation experiment, the attenuation ratio of “Nano MWT” module is less than 2%, which is far less than 5% of  the industrial standard. The successful development of “Nano MWT” composite high-performance photovoltaic module by Phono Solar symbolizes its module power generating efficiency will accomplish breakthroughs in the future, which will greatly help to further reduce the LCOE.

During the process of SPI exhibition, SUMEC ENERGY introduced the full range of smart home solutions including LED Smart Lighting and Smart TV, which attracted wide concern of the attendees and countless people coming for enquiry and consultation. It was reported that users in North America adopting smart home solutions of SUMEC ENERGY would not only obtain clean and efficient green electricity from Phono Solar’s PV power generating system, but also conduct efficient electricity allocation through customized smart home solutions provided by SUMEC ENERGY so as to get ultimate high-end green living experience.

A series of actions taken by SUMEC ENERGY at SPI show its sharp sense of smell in North American market, and also indicate that SUMEC ENERGY is committed to “gorgeous metamorphosis” from being a solar PV product manufacturer to an integrator of solar PV system so as to provide customers with a full range of solar PV system solutions. Just as what Mr. Cai Jibo, general manager of SUMEC GROUP, had said at the exhibition when being interviewed by US local media, “by means of our breakthrough in high-end module technology, continuous improvement of our system integration capability as well as formation of quality and professional service concept, SUMEC ENERGY has taken the lead in PV industry in North America as well as the whole world and successfully highlighted the shining business card of China’s Central Enterprises. (Ma Chaomin, Market Dept.)