Chinese ‘Go Global’ pioneer SUMEC successfully connects Pakistan’s first Megawatt-level photovoltaic


Recently the 1.25 MW solar photovoltaic power plant, located in Punjab Province in Pakistan was successfully connected to the grid. This is the first megawatt-level photovoltaic power plant since the establishment of Pakistan. Being the general contractor of this project, SUMEC Group (hereinafter referred to as “SUMEC”) successfully supported the ‘Go Global’ policy of the Chinese central government.


This 1.25MW photovoltaic power plant covers 16,000m2. The abundant sunshine in its area has driven the creation of producing 1,745,000 KWh. Not only does suchproject meet the daily power demands of 110 local villages and some auxiliary electric power systems, it also saves 1,580 tons of carbon emissions every year.


This project was completed in 9 months from bid invitation to successful connection. During this period, SUMECformed the team with local partner Green Volts Technologies, and were highly appreciated byPakistaniinvestor, for the cost-effective, high quality and stability of equipment as well as the professional engineering capabilities and hardworking spirit of the team.


CaiJibo, President of SUMEC, said:“SUMEC, as a large-scale central enterprise in China with 37-year history, focuses on the internationalization and diversification of three fields; trade and service, engineering contracting and investment and development. The successful grid connection of the first megawatt-level photovoltaic power plant in Pakistan has brought full recognition of overseas markets for engineering and general contracting capabilities of SUMEC, especially in renewable energy fields. Most of the equipment used in this project is made in China, and I am proud that our equipment has successful supported the‘Go Global’policy and obtained affirmation of new overseas markets.”


Pakistan’s Policy of Upfront Generation Tariff was released in January 2015 to support the creation of photovoltaic power plants. It is no doubt that, for Pakistan, a country with sufficient light resource but seriously insufficient fundamental power grid construction, the release of the policy can drive the market demand for photovoltaic power plants, especially for distributing photovoltaic power in Pakistan. Some large-scale and powerful enterprises in Pakistan have taken the lead in the investment in photovoltaic power plants, which creates more opportunities for the "Go Global" of Chinese enterprises being skilled in equipment manufacturing and engineering general contracting, such as SUMEC.


Punjab is hot and humid, especially from June to August every year, the highest temperature can reach 50℃ and the humidity can reach 90%. To ensure the plant to sustain longevity and operational stability in such extreme conditions, it is equipped with photovoltaic modules with resistance to high temperature and humidity. Thesephotovoltaic modules are designed and manufacturedin China by Phono Solar, a subsidiary company of SUMEC.