PanelClaw Approves Phono Solar Modules to UL 2703 Certification


PanelClaw, a leader in solar mounting systems, announced today the addition of Phono Solar PV modules to its UL 2703 listing. PanelClaw is the first US company to have systems and components listed under UL 2703, a new UL subject specifically focused on evaluating solar PV mounting systems. UL listing demonstrates the effectiveness of PanelClaw’s solar mounting systems and enables installers to drastically reduce grounding costs with Phono Solar modules.

A key component of UL 2703 is the UL recognition of PanelClaw’s mounting systems and module attachment components (Claws) as approved electric bonding and grounding devices. Installers can reduce grounding costs with PanelClaw mounting solutions, by increasing install speed, lowering labor costs, and eliminating the vast majority of copper wire and ground lugs otherwise needed to establish equipment ground connections in a PV system. PanelClaw’s UL listing also enables installers to easily show compliance with an array of grounding requirements.

“Pairing Phono Solar’s PV modules with PanelClaw’s mounting systems eliminates additional copper wire for the purposes of equipment grounding, which reduces installation time and system cost.” said Tony Guerrero, Marketing Director, Phono Solar North America. “PanelClaw’s certified solution supports our LCOE (Lowering the Cost of Energy) initiatives for our customers.” Phono is committed to providing affordable renewable energy solutions.

About PanelClaw

PanelClaw Group, Inc. and its operating subsidiaries, PanelClaw (North America), Inc. and PanelClaw Europe GmbH, deliver mounting and balance-of-system (BOS) solutions to accelerate the adoption of photovoltaics worldwide. A leader in ballasted flat-roof and ground-mount systems, PanelClaw has deployed nearly 350 MW across the U.S., Canada, the European Union, and India. For more information, please