Phono Solar module testing centre joins Intertek's SATELLITE™ Data Acceptance Program


SATELLITE? Data Acceptance Program through the designation of its module testing centre in Nanjing as an approved Intertek satellite. This designation represents the further deepening of cooperation between both parties.

Intertek’s SATELLITE? programme is a client data acceptance program, offering a structured, but customisable approach that can help manufacturers who are currently active in managing their product approval process and testing at their own facilities in a much more efficient and cost effect manner. SATELLITE? effectively integrates testing and certification services into the overall new product development process. The programme provides manufacturers the convenience of scheduling and conducting their own onsite testing to obtain Intertek’s market-leading certifications for its products.

Participating in Intertek’s SATELLITE? Data Acceptance Program improves overall product lead-time, and contributes to Phono Solar’s position as a market leader. Phono Solar’s Nanjing facility is also certified by the CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) and has received certified approval from the Jiangsu provincial and Nanjing municipal ETC (Engineering Technology Centre).

Mr. Cai Jiboi, Chairman of Phono Solar, said: “Phono Solar has always been dedicated in building a brand on the core values of stability, reliability and creativity. Joining with Intertek as a satellite partner is a demonstration of our desire to provide innovative products to markets globally. This cooperation will further improve product quality and technology, better satisfying the demands of our customers, and finally, provide pertinent industry insight and excellent market response to promote expansion into international markets.”

Intertek is responsible for a leading network of PV certification laboratories and provides an extensive range of solutions throughout the industry supply chain. Mr. Pan Jiarui, Vice-President of Intertek, said: “Intertek hopes to provide customers with overall and value-added services, including assistance to cope better with market changes resulting from the updating of standards and regulations in the industry. Intertek is a real strategic partner, helping customers overcome barriers in different markets, participating in preliminary technology development and product design, while proposing professional suggestions to customers for their overall product development.” Mr. Pan Jiarui continued: “Intertek and Phono Solar have embarked on a new era of cooperation in the field of renewable energy. We look forward to working more closely together, with their latest innovations including storage systems.”

Closing Date: Dec. 19, 2012